Welcome to Fetzer’s!

Fetzer’s German Brand Sausages are authentic Old World recipe sausages produced using the freshest, leanest, all natural meats, and the finest ingredients available. We use local Carlton Farms meats exclusively, which are truly “Fresh and Natural.” Our products are minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, or coloring. No hormones, injected moisture, or curing accelerators are used. The sausages are made to exacting specifications with lean 100% meat. We do not use MSG, fillers, or additives that some manufacturers use to add weight and cut costs. You can feel and taste the difference.

The Fetzer family has been hand crafting gourmet sausage products in Germany for over a century. Since 1880 they have been using the same old world recipes created by Eugen Fetzer’s grandfather. Eugen and Marianne Fetzer produced their famous sausage in Germany for 25 years until they came to the United States in 1978. They founded Fetzer’s German Sausage and Deli on Cedar Hills Blvd. in Beaverton, Oregon, and operated a full service deli, and catering facility loved by many, until 1998. They also sold their products at several Farmers Markets throughout the Portland area.

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